Designing a Perfect Landscaped Space

Deciding to have your residential property or commercial premises landscaped is an exciting time!  You may be looking at your garden and wishing you had a functional seating area, or a hidden place to escape. You may want more plants and colour or maybe you would like a garden that is easier to maintain… Whatever the reason, garden landscaping is the perfect way to create a beautiful space for you and your family to enjoy.

Boardway Tree and Ground Care have a team of specialist landscapers and we offer a wide range of landscaping services within Lanarkshire and surrounding areas. We specialise in bespoke garden designs and can create magnificent landscaped designs for you which could also include water features and patio designs.

We not only cater for residential customers, but we also provide commercial landscaping services.


Things to Consider

There are a few factors to think about when you start designing your garden which may include:

Lawned areas

Boundary walls and shelters

Planting trees and flowers

Fences and hedgerows

Patio areas and pathways

Sculptures, water features and outside lighting

Areas for play, eating or shaded areas


Benefits of Landscaping

There are many benefits to having your garden professionally landscaped.  If your garden is designed professionally, this can add value to your home.  But if you are finding your garden hard to maintain then Boardway Tree and Ground Care can work with you to design a more practical low maintenance space for you to deal with.


Landscaping Can Add Value to Your Home

By having your garden professionally landscaped and keeping up with the maintenance, this will inevitably add value to your home overall.  A lot of buyers will fall in love with a garden before they view the house.  Research has shown that by having your gardens landscaped, this can add between 6 -11 percent to the overall value of your property.

Landscaping also creates a good first impression for potential buyers turning up to view your property.


Relaxation Benefits of a Landscaped garden

A beautifully designed outside space can help you to relax and unwind.  This area can be used for family or entertaining, or a safe place for the children to play.  Having a landscaped garden makes you feel better all round.  You can design the space to fit in with your lifestyle and needs.  Studies have suggested that spending time within landscaped gardens can help to reduce stress levels, which is a huge benefit.


Environmental Advantages of Landscaping.

If your garden is planned out well and maintained, this can help filter pollutants out of the rainwater.   A range of plants and trees along with a good and healthy lawn can provide vital environmental properties. Plants and trees can purify the air of dust, smoke and other pollutants by absorbing carbon dioxide.  We are all aware that trees and flowers provide habitats that are hugely beneficial to our wildlife.


Should I Hire A Professional to Landscape My Property?

Deciding on a layout for your garden or what materials to use can be mind blowing.   By hiring a professional, they can advise you on the best layout, materials and functional areas for your garden and your budget.

Remember, if you are installing lighting or water features in your garden then you are going to need electric and water supplies which will require a qualified tradesman. They will make sure that all works are carried out professionally and within the industry guidelines.


Call Boardway Tree and Groundcare

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Our landscapers are fully accredited, insured and our work is fully guaranteed.