10 Reasons to Choose A Resin Bound Driveway

Your driveway is an important part of your house, and the first thing someone notices when they visit you. Resin bound driveways are the trending home improvement projects in the UK. Whether you wish to make a parking space out of it, walk on it, or make a stunning feature for your home, it all adds to the visual appeal of your home and of course, creates a great first impression too.

Resin Bound DrivewayHere are 10 reasons you should choose resin bond driveways for your home:

  1. Easy Installation

It can take days to install a gravel or concrete road. Meanwhile, resin bound driveways take a few hours to install if the crew you have hired is efficient and experienced. An expert crew of 4-5 workers can install a 250 square meter resin driveway within a day.

  1. Permeable

The installation process of the resin bond driveway involves a procedure making sure that every stone particle is covered in resin. Small voids are created during the process, so that rainwater can permeate through the surface. It levels the groundwater and also helps in controlling shrinkage and heave impacts.

  1. Aesthetically Pleasing

Apart from decorative, resin bound driveways are versatile and sustainable. You can choose from a wide range of textures and colours that make it suitable for every style of property, unlike other pavement options. It is going to add the classy factor to your driveway, garden, and pathway.

You could even create patterns or mix different resin gravel colours and come up with something customised and unique.

  1. Affordable

Resin bound driveway cost is low for both the initial and long-term. They are amongst the most affordable driveway options as they require minimum maintenance.

  1. Free of cracking, crumbling or discoloration

Resin bond is stain resistant, and your driveway would look as good as new even after a decade of installation. Most of the resins have an organic composition that holds its natural shade strong for years without cracking or crumbling.

  1. Smooth Finish

Resin bond driveways offer a smooth and lasting finish that makes it ideal for bicycles, children, disabled access, and pushchairs.

  1. Weather Resistant

Unlike asphalt, which gets soft in the summers, freezes in the cold, and loses color to UV rays, resin bound driveways do not face any issues and are truly weather-resistant.

  1. No Need for Planning Permission

You don’t have to seek planning permission if you wish to add or extend a driveway as long as it is porous which resin bond driveways are. Resin bound driveways fulfill the regulations of sustainable drainage. Also, the environment strongly encourages resin bound driveways to prevent the threat of flooding.

  1. Durable 

Resin Bond Driveways

Resin bond driveways come with a strong and durable surface and even though the contractor might guarantee 10 to 18 years with proper installation and maintenance, resin bound driveways can last up to 25 years. Apart from lasting life, resin driveways are sturdy. They can withstand everything from harsh sun rays, oil spills, and de-icing salts unlike gravel, concrete, block paving pathways.

Try crushed stone (specific aggregates) for enhanced durability of your resin driveways.

  1. Low Maintenance

There are fewer chances of ice, puddles, and growth of weeds/mould on resin bond driveways. You just need to hose down on your resin driveways and then pick it up using a stiff brush. You could even hire professional cleaners for cleanliness and maintenance of your resin surface.

Installing a resin bound driveway is the cheapest and quickest way to upgrade the aesthetics of your house. For excellent resin bound driveways in Lanark, Scotland, contact boardway.co.uk. They can provide you with expert services for your deck, driveway, or Garden Patios.