Top 10 Garden Ideas

There are as many garden ideas as there are gardens and whether you have a large sprawling garden, a small garden or just a tiny roof terrace, everyone loves their little bit of outdoor space.

What you do with your garden demonstrates your personality and creativity and so here is some garden ideas and inspiration.

Timeber Fencing Lanark

10. Fencing

Fencing provides security and stops unwanted animals or people accessing your property. Timber Fencing is a cost effective way of marking property boundaries, gives a little privacy and protects plants from wind, rain and sun


Stone Patio

9. Patio

A patio can provide you with a hard wearing surface to give you somewhere to place a table so that you can entertain outdoors when the weather is fine. There are many materials can be used for patios from simple concrete slabs and stones to more expensive granite. The great thing about a quality patio is once done it’s relatively low maintenance.

Raised Beds

8. Raised Beds

A great way of growing a wide range of plants is with raised beds. They are extremely popular for flowers, vegetables and fruit and is a good way of boosting drainage. Raised beds are ideal for the elderly or for those with restricted mobility, as they eliminate the need to bend. Raised beds can be constructed from pressure treated timber, railway sleepers or hard landscaping using bricks, depending on your budget.

Herb Garden

7. Herb Garden

Adding a herb garden to your home means you will never be short of those essential additions when creating a culinary masterpiece. Also, there is nothing quite like the smell of herbs drifting through your home and saves money when you don’t need to buy them from your local supermarket.

Outside Lighting

6. Outside Lighting

Installing outside lighting means when the sun goes in, you don’t need to. By illuminating your garden you extend the day meaning you can get a lot more use of your outdoor space. Also, anyone who has ever stumbled around in the garden in the dark, taking the bins out for example, knows only too well the safety benefits of outside lighting.

Water Feature

5. Water Feature

Water features are another very popular item in the garden and can range from a fish pond full of Koi carp right down to a simple pumped water feature. The sound of Water has a calming effect and can bring tranquillity to any garden

Garden Rooms

4. Garden Rooms

Garden rooms can provide valuable extra living space ond can be used for an office, playroom or workshop. With space at a premium, garden rooms are becoming increasingly popular. The latest ones come with heating and light, are an ideal place for some peace and quiet and can increase the value of your home.

3. Artificial Grass

Nothing says low maintenance like Artificial Grass. There is no mowing, no watering and no weeding and with artificial turf becoming more and more realistic most people will only be able to tell because it’s so perfect.

2. Seating Area

Utilising a wall is good way to integrate seating if your garden especially it it has terracing. You could incorporate it into a bank when building any retaining walls. Other great seating ideas include building a brick or stone stand-alone seating area or by utilising a corner to provide a floating wooden bench.

1. Fire Pit

Fire pits can allow you to use your garden the entire year by providing enough warmth for you to sit outside during the colder winter months. You can choose from a large selection of patio fire pits. Permanent fire pits made of stone or brick or smaller more portable fire pits that can be moved around your garden.