Professional Tree Surgeons V’s DIY Tree Surgery!

Tree surgery

It is tempting for most homeowners to try and give tree surgery a go themselves. This is why our team at Boardway Tree & Ground Care have put together this guide to help you decide where it is worth giving it a go yourself or employing a professional tree surgeon.

Is Tree Surgery Easy?

When you watch shows on TV that show elements of tree surgery such as the lumber companies in Canada, it is easy to be led to believe that it is easy when you see a huge tree falling all in one piece. However, what you have to remember is that most houses aren’t set alone in a vast forest and there is usually limited space to work with.

Is DIY Tree Surgery A Good Idea?

The first thing you need to do is assess the height of the tree and where it is standing. The taller the tree, and the more enclose the place it is sitting in will increase how dangerous it is to remove and manage. It might be worth taking a step back and asking yourself how much training, skills and knowledge you actually have of tree surgery. If you decide your skills are not quite up to it then this is probably for the best!

Professional Tree Surgery V’s DIY

Professional tree surgeons have a vast knowledge and experience of trees and also have access to the correct tools and equipment to complete the job well. They also have tree surgeon insurance.

Professionals understand:

  • The physics of tree surgery and felling – there are massive forces of energy stored up under tension and compression in even the most innocent looking tree in your garden. The wrong type of cut in the wrong place can unleash those forces like a catapult on people or anything else in the way. Understanding what leverage is needed and where,  is part of tree surgery training.
  • Gravity and tree felling – how trees lean, how they will fall and where they will fall and what is the potential for damage are all things a tree surgeon is trained and insured for.
  • Wind and tree surgery – a simple gust of wind can have a massive impact on tree surgery and turn something relatively safe into something very dangerous vey quickly. Tree surgeons will plan for this eventuality where it is unlikely it would be taken into consideration for a DIY project.
  • Tree removal piece by piece – unlike you may have seen in logging programmes on the TV, tree felling in a residential environment, full of houses, roads, phonelines and electricity cables etc, its never as simple as making one cut and shouting “Timber”! Instead, it needs to be done piece by piece working from the top to the bottom. You will need to be a qualified climber and may even need to use a crane for this job.
  • Tree removal and law – a qualified, insured professional tree service will advise you on what is and isn’t possible in your garden and street. It’s always best to find out first.


So should you call in the professional tree surgeons or give DIY a go?

The answer is simple, if you have the necessary knowledge, equipment and experience and the tree is quite small and in a safe location to work on then DIY may be a cost-effective solution. However, anything but minor work should be left to the professional tree surgeons to avoid accident or injury not only to yourself but others that may be close by.

If you need a professional tree surgeon to control or remove trees at your property then contact Boardway Tree and Ground Care today – 01555 807 495