How to Choose the Right Fence?



It can be quite difficult to choose a fence as there are so many things to consider. With this said the more effort you put into the planning the better the end result will be. Boardway Tree & Ground Care have put together a helpful guide to help you make your decision.

What is the Purpose of the Fence?

What you first need to think of is what you need the fence for? Are you looking to improve the look of your garden, improve your home security, keep pets enclosed or just want a bit more privacy? Whatever your end goal by identifying what you need your fencing to do will help you achieve a practical fencing solution that is also aesthetically pleasing.

Planning Permission

UK planning laws require planning permission for any fences over 2 metres high. So, it’s worth taking this into consideration when choosing the fence, you want and getting the necessary planning consent if you do wish for your fence to be above 2 meters high.

What Panel Sizes are there?

There are many different panel sizes. Below is a handy conversion table for panel heights:

Fence Panel Sizes

Security and Privacy

For the best security and total privacy then you will be best choosing a solid fence panel. Solid panels offer extra strength compared to semi-solid style fencing with an added bonus of greater noise reduction. They are also difficult to climb which makes them more secure. If privacy is not a concern, then semi solid panels can be a more attractive solution.


The main thing to consider when your getting a fence to keep your pets safely in your garden is firstly how big are the gaps between the fence panels? You need to make sure they are not big enough for your pet to squeeze through and secondly the height of your fence, you need to make sure it is higher than what you pet can jump.

If you need more information on choosing the right fence to suit your need or need a fence installing then contact us today or call  01555 807 495.