How To Choose a New Driveway?


Having a new driveway installed is renowned for adding value to your home, however if you’re not planning on moving any time soon is it still a worth while investment? Our team at Boardway Tree & Ground Care have put together a helpful guide to help you decide what options you have and the average cost of a new driveway so you can be sure you get the right driveway for both your budgets and needs.

Benefits of a New Driveway

Having a driveway gives you a private off-road space to park your car or van, helping to reduce costs on insurance premiums and also gives you somewhere safe and convenient to park your vehicle. It also adds significant curb appeal to your property, which is great for both selling a property or just standing out from neighbours.

What Decisions Do You Need To Make?

There are a few important decisions to make when it comes to having a driveway installed, you could be upgrading an old driveway, extending or having a completely new driveway installed, whatever it is there are decisions that need to be made before the project starts, so you know exactly what it is you want to achieve and what your budget will allow you to do.

DIY or Professional installers?

The first thing you need to consider is the extent of the changes you are making so that you can best decide on who will do the work. If you’re having a completely new driveway installed then you will definitely need a professional as the person that carries out the work will need experience in excavation, drainage and be capable of creating a nice and long-lasting finish.

Like any other project you take on you need to ensure that the task at hand is something that you have the skills and knowledge to complete effectively, otherwise the potential repair and maintenance costs further down the line could end up costing you much more than the money you saved by not calling in a professional.

What Driveway Materials Will You Use?

The next decision to make is what driveway materials you will use. There are many different surfaces available all creating different finishes, looks and each with there own pros and cons. Driveway materials include, concrete, block paving, tarmac, resin bound and natural stone. It is worth researching each different surface to help you decide what will work best with your needs, style and budget.

It is worth checking out galleries of previous work completed by your potential installer this will not only give you a feel for the quality of their work but will also allow you to see some good examples of the different types of surfaces and what they can look like once complete.

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