Artificial Turf: How To Transform Your Property

The front of your property is the first thing that anyone will notice either just passing or coming for a visit so it makes sense to want it to be aesthetically pleasing, both for yourself and anyone who visits.

We may try and keep an open mind, but it is just human nature to quickly for an opinion of a place or person quite quickly, this is why we always want the fist impression to be a good one. This is even more so the case if you plan on selling your home in the future as if the front of your property has the WOW factor then this positive response is likely to continue throughout the rest of your property.

Artificial turf is a brilliant way to transform any dull or lifeless space in your garden. Not only does it look fantastic all year round, but it is also incredibly low maintenance. Again, if your looking to sell your property on in the future this will be another big tick in the box for most buyers.

Below are team at Boardway Tree & Ground Care have put together a couple of ways in which you could completely transform the aesthetics of your lawn as well a creating a low maintenance family space to enjoy.

Although you should never use artificial lawn to park vehicles on as it will get damaged there are numerous other ways in which artificial turf can completely transform the front, back and sides of your property!

3 Artificial Turf Transformation Tips

Artificial Turf Front Garden – Everyone wants a low maintenance front garden; this is why many of us will opt for a paved driveway. But what about softening up that harsh look of a driveway with a bit of green?  You will need to keep your paved driveway to park vehicles on but why not create a beautiful low maintenance space around it. This will leave you with both a practical and aesthetically pleasing front garden that will be the envy of most of your neighbours.

Ribbon Driveways – These days ribbon driveways are a rare sight, they used to be very popular with the two strips of concreate and a strip of luscious green grass running through the middle. This is unfortunate as ribbon driveways are very good at reducing standing water and reducing surface water run off, as well as really looking the part! The ribbon driveway decreased in popularity mainly due to the face that the grass running through the middle of it quickly turned to a muddy mess and the grass struggled to grow back, and if you were one of the lucky ones whose grass did grow there was always the issue of trying to mow it! This is where artificial turf will really com into it own! It will create the perfect ribbon driveway that will never need mowing, sunlight or watering, and there will never be any mud or mess to deal with, just a pristine looking driveway all year round.

Anywhere Real Grass Won’t Grow – Be it the front, back or side of your property artificial turf will be able to totally transform it. Particularly, in the parts of your garden that real grass just wont grow, be it because it gets too much footfall, not enough sunlight, trees and other shrubbery taking the water and nutrients grass needs to survive. Obviously fake grass doesn’t need any of these things to survive and it is build to be durable and withstand heavy foot fall so you can be sure that no matter where you decide to install your artificial turf you will be left with a luscious green garden all year round.

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